There’s a chasm on a fault line that I dance on.  

There’s a give in that part of the earth.  

It’s not wise to tip toe an earth quake.  But I can’t help but cautiously trace around that mistake. 

Stomping where the earth is delicate doesn’t make me brave. But I run and jump waiting to see what jolt causes it to give way. 

A gnarled scare stretching miles is not a play ground. It’s a fault line that will tremor until it implodes. It is the dry rocky earth that will noiselessly sound. 

But I dance and play waiting for the earth to shake. Waiting for the line to crack and the chasm to swallow me in. I dance and play caressing my biggest mistake. Waiting for the earth to swallow me whole. Dance and play, the crack hasn’t splintered into a break. Dance and play, just waiting for the earthquake.


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