How do I taste? I know you taste me in his mouth. Even stale, you taste me. You hate it but you can’t get enough. Lick and gnaw, suck and beg for more. You don’t care if the taste is rough. 

How do I look? Here, I am naked and your eyes can feast on every bit of my skin.  Every inch that is ravaged by him.  

You get to feel each part of me from the inside,  here. Closer than anything you could imagine. Closer than anything physical you could get near.  

Taste me,  touch me,  hear me. Haunting every day dream. I’m a nightmare in the dark; I ensnare your senses and lead-weight your heart. 

I’m the most visceral nightmare you have ever had. I can’t help what you dream about.  I don’t fear what’s behind my eyelids trying to get out. 


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