Time Ran Out.

Time scurried on and we’re left wondering if it’s dusk or dawn and I knew I used to love you. I think I used to love you.

Time didn’t escape but she ran, fled, terrified of my mistake in loving you. She didn’t want to be part of the con that we were. I can hardly blame her. 

I miss Time long gone and echoes from old songs in empty dining rooms in the dark. I miss what we were and I miss red wine slurs, I miss what I thought was love.

When you come around, now, I don’t miss you at all and love seems an old forgotten glove lost in the gutter somewhere. Time does that to fakes and I think I was the biggest fool, the biggest fake, an actress with everything to lose. 

Time ran out and waited for me to follow. She left and she hoped you’d come back for me so I’d realize that ghosts are always hollow. I’m in love with the past and in love with love. It’s not love that I feel when you stray to my door, it’s stale hurt and leftover lust littering the kitchen floors. 

Time ran out and left us to this burning house. I finally followed her lead and you stayed, burning with all of the regrets you will ever need. 


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