Pine Mountain Overlook.

So I’ve come back to the place where all of my truths have aways unfolded. 

Where I can’t tell lies and “atra dü evaryina ono varda” takes a hold. The reason that tattoo means more to me than porcelain skin.  I can feel every inch of my mistake riddled soul.

Where the sky has multiplied and laid out across my eyes. Feeding my muse and stitching me together…line by line by line. 

When the compass magnet points a false North and the needle goes and breaks. This is where I come to feel, to remember, to know that this is all that it will ever take.

That trusting all the whispers from the stars, learned lessons from the sliver of the Moon, the place I know I can always be completely free from all the “yous.”

The temperature drops and the fog rolls in. Lantern eyes light up the dark and head lights only dim. Quietly fill my bones with the calm that I know we share…with a primative state not many others know how to get there. 

Take me in to your folds and let all of skin show. This is where I find peace and pieces. I’m held by the sky and the Moon knows She’s needed. 


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