Soul mates.

  They say soul mates come into your life to cause an exolosion. You blew shrapnel in my face. You lit up my skies with a force and left everything else to a slow corrosion. 

You changed the shape of my heart. The shape of my sins. The golds of my heavens are aligned differently because of him. 

The earth shattering of your sonic boom has altered my atmosphere and a gas mask won’t do quite like it used to. You were my soul mate. But that doesn’t mean I need you to stay. That doesn’t mean you can continue to alter my state. 

I got everything I could from you. The times when we were one will never be ruined by the times when we were two.

 I know we weren’t meant to stay woven in the same tapestry. We were never meant for something calmer than nuclear storms. We were a force of nature and now I see your feeble form.

I want to keep you in my memories like the inferno that burned alongside me. I don’t want to know you now… small, lesser, weak… I know you were the soul mate my eager spark was in need. You changed, you strengthened, you helped forge me. 

Pulled from the fires my iron is hot. It is stronger, it is steel. You were the perfect nuclear war my molten soul needed to feel. 

We were soul mates and now you’re a shallow winter breeze. Thank god for your once cosmic storms to teach my heart the very fire it needs.


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