I completely caved in on myself last night. The canary didn’t sing…she didn’t warn me and I decided to dig deep. 

She didn’t sweetly let me know that I wasn’t as mended as I had hoped. She didn’t tweet that I should get out because you are not worth the coal. 

Little yellow wings stayed quiet at their sides. No fluttering or stirring to warn me of the brittle tracks I laid or the cave-ins that they hide. 

I buried my hurt down in the dark and the deep. I ignored it and I starved it of air. I don’t visit or pry and try my best to forget that you have ever been there. 

But you are in my caves and I went on a dig in the dark last night. I thought my canary would sing, but she stayed quiet and let me dig and creep…I had a cave in last night. I realized I missed you dreadfully more than I’d ever want you to know. I hate you for leaving me, I hate you for being inside my darkest caves. I caved in and that bird didn’t sing. I caved in and you didn’t hear a thing. I caved in and all I can think about is how you have forgotten all about me…my canary didn’t sing.


7 thoughts on “Canary.

  1. Even canaries can lose their voice, and maybe it was letting you try to go it alone to see if you could cope. You caved in but you weathered the storm. You are stronger than you know. Let only those truly worthy enter your caves and they will light them up and show the world how beautiful you are.

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