Save Yourself.

You have never had any follow through. You have never had anyone care if you do. She will let you stray, lie, come back, she will obey. You will drink, lie, cheat, and try not to think too much on suicide. You need so much more than liquor can provide.

You have a cracked and patch work heart. You drink to try and ignore the dark. But you can’t go over seas with guns in your hand and come back the very same man…you have long since broken and don’t care enough about yourself to try and mend. 

So you light and torch, ruin and end. They always let you. No one can save you from yourself. 

Your heart must be so heavy. So deeply twisted with your sorrows. You saw things the rest of us will never see. You gave your life to keep us free…your heavy soul is deeper than bodies in sands, your twisted conscience is your burden to bear. You live in the Hell you choose. I choose to live in Hell near you.

I see the troubles in your head. I know that you’re tormented with memories that chase you around and around in your bed. 

But you lure them with blood. You attract them with your whistle. You call them you taunt them, you kiss them. 

You lack empathy and I don’t have the time to teach you how to grow. How to be kind. How to outrun your memories. I suppose you’ll have to give a shit all on your own. 



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