Different love.

Love morphs and turns, fades and rekindles, lights and burns.

I love you differently, now, and I don’t know what that means. That I’m colder, wiser, more broken, healed, or mean?

I want all of you all the time. I can’t seem to get enough. But the love I have has changed and I don’t know how to navigate these stars. I don’t know how to read the lines in the sky when it comes to this. How to learn the differences in who we are. I think it’s me that’s changed, not you, and I don’t know who to miss.

I love you, always, but something deep has changed. The clouds are muddling up the sky and making it impossible to see. What is different but still wonderful between you and me? You know me but you don’t…I thought I was the same but I’m starting to think I’ve fatally changed. 

We have torn and scorched the earth around us. Not a single heart has gone unbroken. Not one mind gone unscathed. We have wreaked havoc and let it all go unspoken. 

We are dancing in our ashes while love turns around us. While love wraps and tangles and leads. I think I’m  learning that love isn’t enough and it isn’t all that I need. 


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