Sincere moments slip in and out of our breath like shadows among the trees. 

One moment I see you. The next you’ve changed your shape and I can barely see. 

You say no one hears you like I can. You tell me truths that make you afraid of yourself. You try to hide but want out. I just see through all the doubts. 

I force myself to live with the sun on my face. The rain imbibing in my skin. The moon light in my hair. You won’t find a girl like me just anywhere.

So intertwined we slip between one and two. Sometimes we seem to repulse each other. Sometimes we seem to be long lost lovers. 

I will keep playing shadows with you until I decide if they are too much for my freshly sewn seams. I will play monsters and angels until one of us is thrown from heaven. We are Frankensteined together, it seems. 


12 thoughts on “Frankenstein.

  1. Mary Shelley’s Monster

    What could be more alien . . .
    Dead torso, limbs and such
    Stitched together
    like some beggar’s ragged coat
    Re-animated by
    That most mysterious force
    running the belly of the sky
    Say the word
    It sizzles on your tongue

    A dead man
    Fabricated from dead parts
    With a diseased brain
    That was better off
    in the glass jar
    But she built him
    (What, you thought it
    was Dr. Frankenstein?)
    Bit by bit on those cold
    winter nights
    Her tender hands
    Elbow deep in gore
    casting and molding her nightmare


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