Those quiet almost silent whispers reach my heart. I hear you, I’m here, I hear. You need me, you crave me, I am your fear.

I can tempt you to eat that apple. I can make you watch me sink my fangs in.  I can take your life and you won’t realize a thing.

We talk in circles as if last year was a book. A novel that needs insight from the characters who were never meant to be the main part of the show. Who is the protagonist and who is the antagonist…I’m not really sure I’ve ever known.  

I lay quietly in the grass and bathe in the sun. You came creeping in and blocked out all the light. Bite that apple, don’t even think you can run. 

You are another lost little boy who grew into the body of a man. My heart aches for you. You are in need of a Peter Pan. 

But I am the snake that is trying not to tempt you to take that bite. I want to be better, I don’t want to want to hurt you. It’s in the nature of sharks and birds to find home in blues. It’s in my nature to tempt you. 

I’ve been fighting nature and ignoring the pulls. I’ve been a lion living with sheep and trying to keep from eating the flock. For once, I’m the predator and you are the prey…you can’t escape me, you need me, my words are law and you feed off of what I say.

I listen quietly, you tell me you need that. I scream quietly, you tell me you feel me. You don’t know a thing. A selfish child that is dearly loved and I’m just trying to control my fangs.


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