Retired Knight.

I’m tired. I’m tired of falling in love and having to give it up. I’m sick of the love they build and stoke to only douse once they’ve had enough.

 I’m tired of the words strung together like a perfect sonnet. The iambic  pentameter copied from someone else’s pen. I’m tired of the ink smudges from lazy hands and lesser men. 

I’m sick of being told I’m ‘the one’. Their words were once fire that fought off the winter. They took it all back when they were done. 

I’m tired of being fooled into thinking a boy is a man. Tired of babysitting and having to hold their hand. Tired of being the “only one who understands”. 

I’m not a white knight anymore, I’ve retired that old shield and horse. I hope the bed of lies you’ve made leaves you nothing but fatally wounded remorse.

I’m tired of saving hopeless causes without hearts. But I’ll help dig your hole and pack down the earth. I’ll gladly bury you, not save you, like I should have done from the very start.


13 thoughts on “Retired Knight.

  1. This is great and accurate, but I doubt a White Knight can ever retire its just in you, next time don’t use only your beautiful heart to save someone take your brain along with you. I hope this tip helps *smile*

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    1. I like to kid myself that I’m done being a white knight. That shit is hard to stop, you’re right: it’s just in me. There’s a Mumford and Son’s song that has this great line “I’ll be bold as well strong and use my head along side my heart.” ❤❤

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  2. I have this problem as well. It is always the broken ones, the needful ones, that my heart falls for. My brain is sitting back saying “Watch out, pay attention.” But my heart is already jumping off the cliff. I understand the why of it. Doesn’t stop me from jumping.

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