Fuck you.

You messaged me last night. I knew you eventually would. A lost boy always tries to find the last place he felt at home. 

I knew you’d come around because I know me. I know what you lost and so do you, it seems. 

I know you are taken. You don’t think I know. Did you know you are disgusting, vile, and I will never be your home? Again. 

I miss you. But it doesn’t matter. I am still in love with you. But it doesn’t matter. You deserve the uncertainty of the choice you made. Now you get to have her. 

You thought you could slip in and tell me you’re sorry. You thought you could try to see me. You think so little of everyone and you are no longer something I need.

You didn’t come back clean. You didn’t change a single thing…an apology riddled with tears while your girlfriend has no idea the things she can’t hear. You are still dirty and repugnant. She knows you cheat; she’s still your classless whore

I want nothing from you. I don’t need anything from you anymore.


21 thoughts on “Fuck you.

      1. I love heated writing. I feel it’s more honest and raw. I love Stephen King, and he uses his fucks and shits like they come for free.

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      2. You’re a confrontational writer, then. Those are the best. They get writing like most people don’t.
        Keep on keeping on πŸ™‚

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