You were here last night again. You keep finding me alone. I can’t close my eyes because I know soon you’ll be at my side.

In my dreams you are always finding me. I can’t escape, you won’t let me go, all I want is sleep…I don’t want you to ever know that I can’t close my eyes without seeing yours seeing mine. 

You test my strength almost every night with those eyes that make me hate and fall in love again. Oh, darling, oh I’m falling off the cusp of sanity into pools of brightest green. Leave me be, let me go, I can’t sleep with you anymore. 

In my dreams you’re constantly keeping the beats of me steady. Every night when I dream of your eyes they shatter me before I’m alright. I can’t escape how you were my biggest mistake. 
Clawing at the cliffs of sanity and reality, I need you to leave me be. Stay far from my dreams. You’re the last thing I need to change inside of me.


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