Blue Bird.

There are pin pricks in the sky that let the light leak through. There are cold breezes that shove themselves in, too. 

She dances among the shadow spaces into the pin pricks. She tries her best to live in light and not let dark in. She tries to stay smooth so none of it can stick. 

But they are still clinging to her skin. Slowly sliding down the smooth into puddles that she steps in. The bad things fade and the good things stay. She accidentally steps in the puddles and those stains only sometimes fade.

When the light shines in, the stains are only more visible. When the darkness falls the memories are more formidable. 

Take to the shallows, darling. Take to the trees. Sweet Blue Bird, just leave them be. Stretch your unused wings. Leave them behind and make them wish they could still hear you sing.


12 thoughts on “Blue Bird.

  1. This is quite entertaining to explore. Just to let you know, while I have tried to read it I keep slipping into some figurative contexts of about maybe two classic songs. Which of course strays from the storyline you have developed here. Yet, hits me harder to contain how these verses carry my mind along. (The pinprick references and your great way of illuminating your view here lead me to some rather surreal musical verses from the Moody Blues “pin prick holes in a colorless sky, let insipid figures of light to pass by… And, the bluebird as the featured character takes me to the Bluebird song of Paul McCartney (Wings).) Just such nice a verse you have made. ☺ An inspiration.

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      1. The Moody’s were/are very metaphorical within many of their lyrics. I have a verse posted from last November of last year ‘Never Meaning to Send’, deeply inspired by one of their old songs. I welcome you to read it when you have a moment. Very nice to discover your blog today…. Have a good night.

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