To Me.

I know when you try on clothes you look in the mirror and focus on what you hate. I know you do because I do the same. But I love that you only let your eyes wander a moment before you recognize your beauty. Because I am you and you are me.

I love that you wink at children because you loved when grown ups acknowledged you as a person when you were young. They get shy but like you, they might remember the magic that wink spun.

I love how you notice every change in people around you. It makes people feel special when you notice their hair cut or new lipstick. Little things that are often taken for granted.

Those times you are in a bad mood and pay for someone else’s coffee because you know it will make their day (and their good mood will make up for your shitty mood). Those are things people don’t see but I want you to know I see you. 

I want you to know that I love how much you love your friends openly. That you tell them how much they mean to you because people don’t hear that enough. That you have a whole other family for when your seas get rough.

I love how you have never been vindictive. You joke about being spiteful but I know you’re not. You would never wrong someone because you are sad and that is something not many people have got. You are the kindest soul that I have ever known. No boy could change that no matter how many holes.

I know there are things you don’t like about yourself and sometimes you struggle to remember. I don’t want you to go unseen with a heart that is so tender. Today this is for you. This might be your blog and your words but they are nothing but true. You must always speak to yourself like your own best friend because you are valuable and you are enough and you will mend. 


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