Today was the first time I could speak about you out loud. It’s been almost a year and I am finally stitched up enough to keep the tears from spilling down. 

My mother said she knew, she knew when she met you that you would be the one to wreck me. The one man who could ruin me. A thing only a mother could know. I could admit that today, I could talk to her about that hole. 

It’s been a year and you feel like yesterday and you feel like something old. I can talk about you now,you no longer have quite the hold.

My mother knew that I was completely wrapped up and in love with you. I knew the same thing, too. 

I told her how I’d never felt the same about someone since. How they were a “poor man’s” you. She said she always knew. She hates him for me since we both know that isn’t something I can do.

Today I could talk about how my future slipped right out from under me. How she was right and no one could ever quite wreck me the way he pummeled me. 

It has been a year, almost. A year since I felt like I lost my life. I can talk about you now. My mother always knew I’d get over you, somehow. Mothers are always right.


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