A hungry vulture or a starved hyena attack when they can’t find scraps to feed on. Hungry animals can’t be blamed, it’s merely in their nature. 

It’s been so long since their souls have been fed that they attack wherever they can. They are starved, they want blood, they can’t wait around for the dead. 

Famished scavengers skulking through the underbrush… Afraid of dying or being left unseen, they attack and ravage hoping to pillage enough to feed.  

Their hunger doesn’t cease, there is more knawing at their bellies. There is self hatred, envy, a ravenous need for more. Let them rip, let them claw, these hungry creatures need so much more than their mangled brains can search for. 

There is a sadness in a hungry beast. You want them full but you want them hurt. Nature must take its course. Beasts will claw when hunger calls, their eyes wild with envy and pain. 

A true hunter knows the difference between starving jackals, real predators, and who is really the prey.


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