I have been breaking down and rebuilding myself all at once. Replacing bricks with mossy stones and painting over cracks. I’m brittle but I’m strong and I’m learning not to look back.

I’ve been breaking apart and falling together all at once. Dust has fallen as the foundation erupted and I’m rebuilding with more artful fingers. Each stone is etched with all the memories that linger.

I’m learning that I can’t erase the scars on all the pretty memories. So I am building new turrets and stairs and am learning to be thankful that I left them there. 

I’ve been kicked more than once and left to rot. I’m rebuilding the walls and designing my perspective with all the artistry I have got. 

A vixen with moxy, a scar covered gem, I’m falling in love with myself all over again. 

I am my mother’s daughter, soft, witty, and true. I am my father’s daughter, bold, brazen, with laughter painted with every hugh. 

I have been tearing apart and refilling the holes all at once. I am every bit of a beautiful mess that I want others to know. Chaos isn’t ugly and honest isn’t shameful. I am rebuilding all the tainted parts of my soul.


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