Natalie dates again.

In true Natalie fashion, I don’t get slowed down by a silly broken bone…or two. Yea, it’s two. The day after I broke my ankle in multiple spots I went on a date. 

He was a perfect gentleman and helped me down the steps and hop into his truck. The whole evening was nice. He was sweet, kind, interested, and mildly funny. Not “the one” but he was definitely a good time and I was glad I went. And not just for the pizza and wine. Sort of.

Not that I need to be reminded how to be treated, I don’t date guys who treat me poorly. It was wonderful to be told how beautiful I am, how interesting, funny, ect. Even on a broken foot. Sometimes I forget that being alone can be overrated  and I spend a lot of time alone. 

As promised in my About page, I will share the spoils of my shenanigans and dates with you.  I break my foot and then go on a date. Sometimes I feel like Zooey Daschenal from New Girl.


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