Grown up steps.

Words and pictures and proof of the other life he leads, away from her, nearer to me. 

I don’t need to feed on bitterness and I don’t need to show her proof…in an insecure soul they will always know when their lover isn’t alone. 

I won’t tie myself to a cinder block. I won’t tell her about the liar she has got. I don’t carry those bricks inside that luggage, that’s for you now, darling. Hold on tight because it’s cheaply made. Better drag that weight because we both know his conscience is poorly laid. 

I didn’t throw the tear gas that I have festering in my phone.  A grown woman doesn’t need to wreck a home. I’m not interested in my own leftovers but you can gorge on them as long as you like. I’ll keep the tear gas to myself because I know how to make me proud. I’ll sleep alone while he is sleeping with a crowd. 


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