Then a summer night spent around a campfire changes all the shadows. Makes them safe. Makes them dance. Inside my mind the shadows began to dance and I was free. Free from them. Dance and yell and spin around the flames. Sing and woop don’t miss a thing. 

The moon came out and shone the stars. Illuminated the faces of the boys who drove the trucks, the girls in boots, and the wild in our eyes as we forfeited all our fucks. 

I have forgotten what it is to be sad, to be loved, how his arms felt. I have forgotten how to use my heart for good and I’m dancing ’round the embers and the dirt. 

I am the wild thing from your nightmares, the dancing demon disguised as an angel. Whipping hair and dresses distract them from the chasm deep inside my chest. A wild thing that beats the drum and needs no rest. Wild things laugh and sing and don’t need fake love. Don’t need your hands to hold. I’ve forgotten what you feel like and I’m shining more brightly than fool’s  gold. 

Dancing with the shadows eating up the smoke. Twirling with the flames and singing out my gypsy soul.


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