I Am.

The girl I was is not the woman I am.

 Different, even still, from who I was 4 weeks ago. 

I’ve grown into my skin and accepted all the parts, even parts tainted by the “him”s. I will always carry those messy bits, those morose strands of heart strings. I will also carry all of the kind parts of me, the empathy, the forgiveness, the light that I will always bring.

If it wasn’t for the “you”s that have put me here, I would be the same girl I always was. I’m more vibrant with the strength I’ve had to find, more colorful for the acceptance that everyone lies, more open with the love I have in mind. 

I am the woman I want my nieces to see failing, fighting, and winning. The woman I want your son to know one day and wonder why you did what you had done. I am strong and I am whole; I am a patchwork quilt, sewn together by novice hands…but I am whole, I made myself that way despite anyone else’s plans. 

I am strong. I am whole. I am everything I’ve ever wanted my nieces to know. You don’t get to own a single thread of my soul.


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