Read, reread, repeat. These words are as close to me as you used to be. Read, reread, repeat. 

I talk in circles around your silence. Talk, ignore, repeat. Ignorance doesn’t look good on you like you see it to be. Talk, ignore, repeat. 

All the words I’ve ever said have been told to you again and again. Explain, refrain, repeat. You come back with the same lines rephrased like I’ll hear new beats. Explain, refrain, repeat.

Be real or walk away, but I’m not a lonely night play-thing like you think I should be. Text, vanish, repeat. You say A but then do B… text, vanish repeat. 

You dig through the words that I write like a pauper digs for gold. Shovel, dig, repeat.

Always trying to find solace in the lines you made me weave. Shovel, dig, repeat.


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