Fire Signs. 

She is swirling fire and long lost myths. She sees hope in the mores and feels friction between the Moon and the stars. She leaves trails of hopelessly hopeful hearts. 

Another town sees those fireworks. Another place left behind; missing just a simple ‘goodbye’. 

One more full tank of gasoline and she is on to other things. One more flame before she burns out. Searching for more air to fuel the fire that she is all about.

She is streaks in the sky and twists of the wind. She let’s them all out kinder than when she let them in. 

Burn, darling, burn. Let the flames spark the treeline. Fire up, darling, we’re twin fire signs and we’re meant to be daring. Light up and fight fire with fire. The way the stars lined up meant we weren’t meant to lay down and die. 

Two fire signs can build more than they burn. Light up your fire, darling, let’s take this city like it’s everything we earned. 


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