I was told.

I was told I’m too flighty. I’m not earth bound hard enough. I don’t let gravity make the flying rough. 

I was told I have too man brothers in my life. Too many XYs. Too much of my family makes other men cry. 

I was told I’m not Stepford enough. That I want more than a picket fence and a mowed lawn…this makes me a danger to your son.

I was told that I’m perfect. That I shouldn’t ever change. I know this. I know this is yours to take blame. 

I am too unapologetically me. I fly, I yell, I cause currents in storms. You lie, you hide, you take different forms. You can’t be surprised by the heartbreak you have sewn.

I was told I’m not good enough, in the simplest way of the word. I was told that I am taken at face value. That I’m not worth a conversation with. I was told that insecurities will always win. That they will be the ones laying in bed with him.

Take your cold bed. Take the demons you drug in your head. I know that I am the best they will ever find. All of these boys with pretty kind eyes always end up telling themselves lies. 


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