When you won’t say how you feel. 

Silence takes an immeasurable toll. It eats at the doubt, spreads lies through the wind, and leaves rot in a soul. 

I never could take silence when words were supposed to fill the voids. I never could crouch in a corner and not lose all of my wits. I never could stand the silence used to avoid. 

I’m too much and not enough. I’m too loud and too soft.I don’t have the balance to bottle it up. I’m a mess that cant be cleaned up. 

I never learned to sit quiet and be pretty. Or fold my hands up in my lap. I cry and laugh, fidget and feel, I’m an open book that the author didn’t mean to make real.

I cry when I’m hurt and I hate that I do. I speak only the truth and want to explain it to you. 

But I cant get through this time. The phone must be dead and the hearts must be broke, because I’m sitting in silence hoping for hope. 

I cry when I’m sad and I cry when I’m  hurt. I want things to be right. I don’t know how to bottle them up, I just keeping on soaking the dirt. 


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