He eases the fires in her mind. He paints the air around her with broad strokes of his affections. He stokes the happiness and builds the foundation. He’s made her heart accept a permanent euphoric elation. 

She wants to share her moonlight. Her secrets that she only whispers to the sky at night. The fragments that build up an entire puzzle in her mind are his for the taking. He can have every piece because he keeps her heart from breaking. 

His lips wrap around her name and she could slip away in that one breath he took. He is becoming the fire, the earth, all of the words she’d ever put to paper. All the light she’d lost in tunnels where she never thought to look. 

Stoke the coals in the pits of her soul. Pave the streets on her cracked naked roads. Leave the hurt to corrode into rust. He’s building empires from dust. 


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