Through the darkest parts, briars, shadows, and screams I can’t help but have the deepest feeling of empathy for other wounded hearts like me.
I’m scarred, scorned, and have crumbled into the finest of dust. I don’t want to remember you…
But another soul came to me today looking for help and the wavering voice and helplessness in her soft eyes.
I don’t feel my grief or the bile in my throat.
I turn on the light behind my deadened eyes, I grab her hand, tell her it will be alright.
I know what hear break feels like. I know what terror does to you in the night. I know what it is to not be able to eat, sleep, or think without fear curled up by your side.
I burry that part as deep as I can, I don’t want to be fooled or left again.
But for someone else’s ruined heart, I will trudge through the traps and the shadows to give them that tiny part of light.
The only part that can live off jealousy, hurt, and ruin in the corner of my ragged heart.
I don’t remember how it is to not be left. To not be hurt. To forget.
But when she came to me with the softest eyes, the fear, the loss, I will wade through the swamps to bring her hope. To give her what is left.
The empathy comes in waves.
The anger comes in swarms.
I am done. I am spent. But for others I will trudge through storms.


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