The Great Divide.

Along the curve of the earth
We became fractured in two.
Along the edge of our world
We let one divide into the “me’s” and the “you’s”.
On either side of the chasm we fell for, on either side of green or brown eyes, we lost the feeling of whole.
Along the Great Divide I don’t remember how it felt to have your wings burst from my spine.
Across the ravines we let crack I don’t remember the feeling of two hearts inside my head or my chest…oh, take me back.
Those primitive minds where you were both my sun and my moon, where one needed the other, it had to be two.
To get off the ground your wings didn’t self propel. They needed the breath of another to be there to catch you if you fell.
Across the Great Divide we’ve forgotten what it feels like all around. How our fingertips scrape the sky and the world. How our very silence makes sound.
The Edge of Eden glows in the dark to remind us of the past when we were fueled by two hearts. That our souls didn’t always go alone, the Moon gives us hope with a quiet soul-like glow.
Along the curve of the earth I try to remember how you felt from the inside. How whole must be close to godly. How at one point in time–
we weren’t separated by this Great Divide. 


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