Big thighs to go with my big confidence.

I got lucky with my parents and sisters growing up. So lucky.
As a 27 year old woman, I’m forever surrounded by the American Standard of beauty. I should be at least 4 inches shorter, like my big sisters, and at least 20 pounds thinner to have any self worth.
Somehow I have always had a crazy amount of self love.
I read somewhere that girls who grow up hearing their mothers talk badly about themselves tend to have lower self esteem. I never thought of that until I looked into my past. I can’t think of a time my mother talked a out how she hated her thighs, or tugged at her stomach in disgust, or critiqued her body in the mirror while I watched her get ready. She was always so beautiful to me. And she seemed to always be beautiful to herself. And to my father who told (tells) her often.
I never had that negativity in mind about how a girl should look…
I have always been taller than everyone and a thicker woman. Big hair, big thighs, big boobs,  big everything …. Of course I struggled growing up accepting that, at times.
I’ve always had plenty of friends, been a hard worker, talented at any artistic endeavor…my looks didn’t decide these things for me. I did. I decide how I meet the world when it comes at me. I decide how people perceive me. I own my thoughts.
I’m lucky I grew up in a house that didn’t focus on being “pretty”, but on being smart and kind. Because of my
parents, I love how I look, how I think, and who I am.
There will always be parts of myself I’d like to change, but those parts won’t change the sensation that is Natalie.
I wish more people could see this in themselves. I wish more people had parents like mine.



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