I left you in the shallows of Summer. You left me in the depths of Winter. To fend for ourselves was the test of how to be just one and another.
I had absorbed into you.
You started losing your grip.
I fell into you and you fell into the blue.
You were the cradle my form came to know, sprawled in your curves, a perfect ebb and flow.
I was the wings you needed to fly free. To forget who you were. You couldn’t get off the ground without me.
A weakened heart can’t take the heat. The summer was too much for you without me.
I thought I was the weak one, the one destined to break, shatter like glass, the one who would ruin it with every selfish mistake.
But weak doesn’t mean pieces that crash along the lie strewn floor. Weak meant a conscience that wanted me… and more.
I finally divulged my deepest fear, the one you tied up safely in your treasure box. The one you never lock. I can’t separate the betrayal from the heart break. I can’t retrace my trail of mistakes…
You waded through those shallows and I was lost in the drifts of snow. I would rip out all my stitches if I could make you feel the exact same way.


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