The rain tonight.

There isn’t any ink tonight, no paper in between my thoughts and I, there isn’t anything to ruin the utter peace of soul of laying here listening to the rain.
I’m empty, in a way. Cleaned out from all the poisonous thoughts of you. The venom is now dust. The rain helps tarnish what I don’t need to miss, turns it all to rust.
Clean off my window panes, dirty drops slide into the gutters down below. Clean off the panes and let the light shine through in the morning. Clean out my head and leave me unhurt in the morning. Clean out my heart from the filth that runs down and leave me whole in the morning.
It’s a quiet kind of calm, remembering your past and not letting it control you. The rain will wash away the parts you can’t handle without aching.
Just the wind, the rain, and me forgetting what we can’t fix.
There is no ink tonight. No paper in between. Only me, the wind, the rain again and again.


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