A Real Life Meet-Cute. No shit.

We’ve all seen a romantic comedy or two (I hate people who say rom-com, by the way). However, the fact that I have ovaries means I secretly long for some wonderful-swept-up-by-a-stranger’s-gaze kind of love. Or even just a date that ends with me wishing I never went. Whatever.

But it happened. I’ve always  mostly felt lucky and like the universe is constantly making sure I’m taken care of. Weird/sad break up from half way across the country? Got to sit next to a super hot guy on my flight home. Lucky.

I walk into a coffee shop that I don’t usually frequent last week and instantly make eye contact with this incredibly handsome, mocha skinned, dream boat (yea, dream boat) sitting directly in front of me. The kind of eye contact that is slow and deliberate. Melting. I get coffee and wait for my friend…we exchange more blatant looks, my friend shows up and we go on our way. The end of the dream boat. I think.

Fast forward to tonight. Get an invite from my hippy friend  to go see her boyfriend’s band. I’m in Harry Potter pajama pants and well into Gilmore Girl’s, I want to say ‘No’. I finally cave and say, ‘yes’, throw on non-Harry Potter pants and give into destiny. At the club/bar she tells me a hot guy from her Wing Chun class will be there. Cue the hot guy. Eye contact. He smiles and says, “I know you from somewhere…we made slow motion eye contact.” He literally said ‘slow motion eye contact’. It was him. Coffee shop hottie.

Obviously we talked. Dance instructor for kids, personal trainer, and well spoken and hot. We have a date tomorrow night.

Coffee shop OR bookstore are my most wanted meet-cute locations. Put enough good into the Universe and it comes back.


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