Demons. Pt. 2

They are out of their cage.

They broke the lock and are running wild.

They ruin the paths they forge.

They pillage and burn.

They rape my thoughts and feed the “unsure”s.

They trail their leashes and their chains–wild eyed and free–My demons are finally free of me.

Take to the streets, unfettered by crowds of trees; Devouring all the jewels and trash they see. Stealing all the blue skies they can reach.

Snarling at kindness and offers of shelter among the warmth. They’ll snap at the outstretched fingers and try to rip out flesh to get to your soul.

A pack of ravenous wolves, veins bleeding fire, breathing hate, wild eyes search for anything to destroy.

You must tread carefully along familiar streets because they will find you. They won’t hesitate to tear our your throat–caging them is much harder than just letting them roam.

It is a wilderness in my mind.

A cage door swinging on hinges and I like how if feels this time.


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