Demons. Pt. 1

Place these memories somewhere safe.

Take off the moments that weigh in your mind. Leave them in a silvery cage–feed your demons to keep them kind.

You k now you can’t deal with them right now. You know you can’t throw them away. Feeding them to your demons is surely the only way.

They lurk in the silver cage, some birds some wolves, some wild things that even you are unsure. Gilded and ornate, the silver almost makes them seem tame…

But they smell the fresh memories like a dying man smells the dark, they snarl and lunge. Take the bait and leave you intact. They are your demons–you are not one who needs fear an attack.

Feed them well and make the memories thick. The thicker with heart break and jealousy the better to their bones it will stick.

Place the memories inside your demon’s cage. Let them rip them apart until you feel safe.


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