The moon hangs yellow and low, clearly bearing the weight of my soul.
Hold up my heart because I can’t hold on–
Don’t let my spirit drop because I’m no longer able to keep singing it’s songs–
Hold all my troubles and hang lower each night. Hold all my troubles so I can pretend to be alright.
The Moon has slipped sideways holding all of the pain.
She’s let me seep out every moment I don’t want to remember again.
I forget you long enough that I forget that I need to…I give the Moon those memories of you.
I want to erase your face from my head, to forget you ever existed, every word that you’ve ever said.
I give them to Her and hope She won’t drop. Hangs low in the sky but lightening my load, I owe Her every bit of my soul…the gravel bits that you turned it into, the sharp pieces you’ve whittled and made, every bit of myself needs to be remade.
How soothing a thought that as my skin regrows, in seven years you will have never touched my skin. You won’t have tainted a single thing. I’ll have never had the demonic touch that was him.
So I spout off the words I can’t keep in my head, give the Moon more weight on seams already bursting with threads. She takes the regrets and hang low in the sky.
She holds my sorrows quietly and without complaint.
Without the Moon I might never be sane.


One thought on “Moon.

  1. Love love love! I have a feeling you might enjoy the monthly New Moon Adventures I share. I post them on my site and we have a facebook group as well for people who want to have some dialogue about their own lunar journeys. Let me know if you wanna join us! hugs

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