My date (?) with a Christian.

I am not a Christian girl, if you haven’t noticed. In fact, I have a whole post on my beliefs some where in here. Regardless, I don’t talk religion for obvious reasons. Except with one person. We see each other once a year or so…always a late night thing that lasts for about 4 hours at a Dennys.
Tonight was one of our reunions. This man completely recharges me. Somehow, someway, this ultra Christ loving  man has me completely enthralled. We talk about religion and debate the roles of men and women, of our past relationships, our need to travel, our faith in our faith, everything.
Tonight was the same but different… he told me that I have a glow, an aura, that he hasn’t seen in anyone; I have some kind of spark that makes him believe we were meant to be a part of each others lives somehow. Not in a flirtatious way; I’ve never felt so respected by a guy than with him or my dad, actually. He said it in a way like he was trying to reason with himself, outloud. That God keeps bringing us together at opportune times in our lives and we shouldn’t ignore the pull. Well, duh. I’m all about signs and timing and I would agree (minus the God part). He laughed at himself at how strange it was because how can a Christian and a non Christian be able to be so part of each others bubble so closely? Because a bubble isn’t just water or soap, duh, it’s TWO parts. Two different parts.
Tonight was eye opening. Every time we hang out I feel recharged, like, someone out there truly understands me and the crazy part is: he’s devoutly Christian and believes I’ll go to Hell for not being. I’m okay with this.
He fact that he says I have such a strong pull for him, that there is a spark he can’t place his finger on, makes me glow. That two very different believers can be so drawn to one another.
I don’t believe in coincidence. I don’t mean a relationship is afoot, fuck that. Just that things are aligning and I’m grateful my life has panned out the way it has.
One follower of Christ and one tree hugger can be so curiously drawn together. Life is a funny thing.


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