Natalie started a business!

I am an artist of sorts. I sing, I make shit, I fix shit to make it look better. I don’t think much of it because it’s what I love to do. Well, if you are familiar with previous posts and the wisdom of a wise Colombian elder (see here) then you know I am trying to turn my talents into money. After months of a half assed Etsy attempt I have officially gotten my business license. An LLC. I feel like a bad ass. I am legally allowed to sell my shit in the state of Virginia and possibly other states, and pay taxes on it and everything!

I realized that Etsy was too much for me to keep up with. I’m too fickle for  having to stay in contact with people and actually wrap and ship things. I’m not on that level of organized or adult. So now I can sell my stuff online, the farmer’s market, wherever. Farmer’s market is my ultimate goal. My sparkling personality should help me sell stuff easier than my lack of webpage skills.

What am I selling you ask? Wood burned art. Yep. I recently discovered how much I love to burn pictures and text into wood to personalize it. It’s therapeutic and time consuming…kind of like this adult coloring thing that has taken off (but more profitable and way more fun). My company name is Fire Sign LLC, a genius idea I had. My elemental sign is Fire. I’m burning wooden signs. Get it?! Best. Pun. Ever.

My logo is an arrow on fire (sticking with the zodiac thing, get me?). I’m so pumped it’s absurd.

So, while I’m floundering around at the youthful age of 27, I am finally lost in the right direction. I see 11:11 everywhere (mailboxes, clocks, addresses, the fucking change on my register was $11.11!) so I know feel things are going to be alright with me.



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