Your eyes burn holes
I feel them in my spine
The numbers tell me. Numbers don’t lie.
I move, I crawl, I climb
Reaching for the future, in your shadows I refuse to hide.
There’s gold on this side of the sky
Light that you never let in from the underbrush.
Light that couldn’t pierce your shadows.
I am made from shards of light. Shrapnel of stars. Splinters of the free will the devil loved so much.
My wings lifted me out of your debris. Your twists and turns don’t matter when I can fly out from your labyrinthine lies.
My very marrow can sense you clawing, digging, trying to suck out every bit of truth you can drain. Any honest heart will do, I just happen to have been part of you.
Jagged nails, tainted skin, a tongue heavy from words that don’t mean a thing… you live in a hell you’ve made, it’s not brimstone and fire, it’s your still beating heart having to feel all the love fade.
I feel the eyes in my straightened spine. Lost in the right direction feels like I’m finally able to claim what was always mine.


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