I’m bitter.
I’m mean.
I am lost in all the revenge I seek.
I’m lost and scorned for the strength that I am.
If I were the weaker one, you would have come crawling back.
If I had forgiveness in my tainted, ruined heart, I would have been the woman you wanted from the start.
My character kept me strong.
My conviction kept me from allowing your wrongs.
My spirit keeps you checking in on my song.
I make my mother proud. My father silently smile and agree. I am unashamed that you can’t shake me.
You check up on what I’m doing, who I’m with…your name appears like some long lost ghost lost in long past mists.
I am strong. I am whole. You  are sad and will miss the humanity I hold.
I am bitter.
I am mean.
I am kind, somehow, despite the things you’ve done to me.
I am the woman you can’t stop watching, who your mind will never leave be.


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