I will pull your train off the tracks.
I will derail the miles you’ve made.
I will ruin any chance you have of getting back.
Your station was built after years of bombing, after chaos and havoc ruled your world.
You’ve rebuilt the walls, laid the rails, kept a steady hand to guide you away from all of the past fails.
I am fire from the sky, unsure of who I hate or why. I am chaos that doesn’t stand on solid ground. Please, don’t fall for me again, I can’t save you this time around.
You will explode off the tracks in a firey demise. I will hate myself for being the wrecking ball, this time.
I don’t love you like I used to. I don’t know who I am anymore or what to do. I will ruin you.
Don’t drive your train through my storm.  I am still lost in the clouds of who I was before. I am lost in the memories of everyone I never got…
Don’t let me derail your train. I am havoc. I am pain.


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