She looked in the mirror today and was shocked to realize she is now a ghost. She saw the others all around, felt them whisper, heard their breaths so close;

She never noticed her own reflection held their same shadowy gaze, that she is a ghost in someone else’s  darkened haze.

She haunts your thoughts. She plagues your dreams. She is a ghost, too, it seems.

The idea of her forms your deepest fears. You can’t get enough and in the back of your mind her shadow always leers.

Vague and familiar but far enough from real you can fall asleep each night–

But your troubled mind can’t keep her out, even with each determined fight.

She smiled when she realized she became a ghost–An entity among the bones. A ghost can’t help who it haunts, it doesn’t pick the home.

She smiled as she floated on, leaving grave yards in the deeps.

She floated on and left you wondering if tonight you will finally get any sleep.


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