I See.

I see it all today.
I thought I saw last night.
I see the light out of this tunnel and it’s about time I make it right.
It’s not the dimples
It’s not the eyes
It’s all the right words and just enough truths to mask all the lies.
I’m free today. I’m free from ghosts, I’m free from all the left turns that brought me back here. I’m free from them and I can let them wilt together in everything that had ever been.
You can’t grow towards the sun when you dig under the ground.
You can’t break through the dirt when you search for cement all around.
Flowers don’t bloom in the darkest times like you’ve always heard… they survive by their seeds they plant in other earth.
My seeds have grown tired of the dark.
They have  sought the sun for much too long.
They finally blew off into the light, a sunny spot, far from your poisonous tongue.
I’m a flower tonight.
Reaching for blue skies at a maddening height.
I know what love is, I know how to make it grow…you planting weeds amongst us never let the love show.
I see the light tonight.
I’m done.
I’m free.
I’m finally making it right.


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