Green eyes.

I’ve slowly unraveled and unwound
A mess of curls strewn along states.
I’ve listened to more than one liar, pretending to know which one was fake.
But only two green eyes are filled with lies
The other two speak truths.
They come in sets when they strike like the fangs of snakes.
But only two left me strewn across all those states.
I know the pair of eyes that I must believe, the ones that truly despise me.
I know the pair that are filled with love, the ones I used to trust. But in those greens are shards and lies too big to keep from us.
Her eyes are green and mine are brown
We both fell just as quickly face first into the ground.
Four green eyes I can’t stop seeing inside the back of my own.
The ones I love and the ones I should hate…
I’m finding the pieces over all of those states.
But the greens I used to trust are the ones I need to run from. The others tell hurtful truths. The eyes I knew are no longer true, he deserves neither from me or you.


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