She is consuming me. I’m engulfed by her flames. He feeds both our demons and I don’t think either one of us are tame.

I’ve become obsessed with her fire. I feel the kindred spirit burning underneath both our skin. Her soul seems just as rugged as mine. Just as filled with sin.

I can’t get her out of my head. The need to feed her flame and the need to take her fire. We are connected much deeper than by my insane desire.

I know we are the same. I know we both feel fire. I know we both burn down empires.

Burned behind my eyes are hers that pierce mine. Licking flames eat at the fragmented bits of my brain, urging her to set it on fire and admit that we were both tricked into the same game.

We are kindred spirits, I feel it in the pits of my fire. I have become obsessed with who I am supposed to hate. I feel fires itching to burn down buildings filled with all my mistakes.

We could set the trees on fire. We could make the ground quake. I want to reach out to the girl who I know if fueled with flame. I can’t shake the connection I feel to the girl who has made me go insane.



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