Us girls.

I’m on a bachelorette weekend. Basically drinking our way through Charlottesville wineries and singing 90’s hits.

I only know the bride. There are 8 other women here. I don’t have many women friends as I usually find them exhaustingly dramatic. If you’ve read previous posts, I prefer guy friends mainly because  they don’t dish and bitch. Which my gender, including myself, is prone to. The blog is a nice way to release without dwelling…the cement in my head can turn to concrete outside of me.

Which brings me to my point: this weekend has been so filled with pro-woman power here.  A stupid amount. I love these women and what they stand for. So while I prefer to release my poisons via writing (hence, countless journals, napkins, songs…) I realize that girl-on-girl hate is way too prevalent. Mad at myself, mad at the guy, sure, but perpetuating the woman hate is silly and this weekend has been rather eye opening.

So, I’m not sorry for a bit of what I’ve said. I’m not sorry for being hurt. I’m not sorry for choosing a path I had inhibitions about. I’m not sorry. My life is every adventure I’d hoped it would be. However, I do choose to be angry at the right person.
Not myself and not “her”.

Dude, the power of solidarity is much needed in a world where women are separated by how magazines tell us to be, how men say we’re “crazy”, how society makes us the vulture instead of the rabbit.

This weekend is exemplary. I am exceptional. Cheesy or not, girls gotta
stick together. ✊



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