Do you ever think about that awkward meet-cute when I stumbled upon your life?  When I found your words that took root in my mind.

Did you ever know that my heart thrummed in my throat when your name appeared on my phone, that I stared at the stars each night you spoke to me of home?

Did you know your voice sounded like someone I’d always known? A small corner in my mind had already made you my own.

Moments are sweeter than lengths in time, I think. Moments stay sweet on your tongue and avoid the acrid sting of loss.

You were one of the sweetest moments I have had…Getting to know a soul before a face, learning the lilts of your words, the sound of the smile, the most tangled of chases.

I remember spring nights with the windows thrown open wondering what you might be like. It dissolved into ink curled on the pages of my tangible soul. I remember those nights when your voice was a part of my home.


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