11:11…My time.

As long as I can remember, I have always noticed “signs”. I don’t believe in coincidences. Certain happenings or things are meant to come across my path and remind me and move me. Each time it happens it makes me a mooshy mess. My heart swells knowing that I am connected to the world around me in such a way.

The biggest re-occurrence is 11:11. This is my “lucky” time. For some reason it puts me at ease seeing this on the clock. Now, you’re probably thinking I go looking for this particular time. Like, I see its 11 and I need to keep checking until it’s “my” time. Nope. Without fail, I just happen to check the time almost every day at 11:11, day or night. When I’m feeling sad or ill contented and I look up to see its 11:11, all of sudden I smile, feeling like I was meant to have my special time to make me feel the slightest bit better.

Strangely, I have moved back one time zone. I am now an hour behind Virginia time, here in the Gulf. And what do you know?? Yea, when I check the time, it’s always 10:10. The fuck? I find it exceptionally ironic and NON coincidental that moving back an hour has moved my magic time.

I have every intention of going back to Virginia and am sure I’ll get 11:11 back… Just nice knowing that my location doesn’t affect my connection 🙂


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