My mom says

My mom says I give too much love too quickly. Making me sound like some trollop making her way down alleys in nothing but a trench coat in the night. I think she meant it to give me perspective on why I get fucked over so often.
I’d agree there. I DO give too much love too quickly…but this won’t change. I innately see the gold in people, it just catches the light the right way for me to notice it in them. Even if no one else does. So I fall quickly and hold on to the or gold, hoping I’ll bring it to the surface for them to see too.
No one has worked out for me this way and I know the same experiments culminate in the same results. But I am me. This is who I am. I love hard and honestly and I am not capable of “taking a step back”, mom.
So despite the lies and let downs I receive often, they at least give me some fuel for my pen.

I might love too quickly, too much, but in a world where not enough people love truthfully, or at all,  I’ll take it as a compliment.


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