Maybe I never should have left.

Maybe there was nothing to be found.

Maybe I should have stayed.

Maybe I should have known you’d end up this way.

I’m leaving again. Before people turn to ghosts and follow me around. I’m wandering again. Traveling to escape their soul-crushing sounds. Hand out, just reach, just pull yourself to me–It is only half way, why can’t you see?

Baby, I can’t smell you in that shirt.

The one I took to sleep with when I hurt.

Temporary, until you came.

Maybe I’m the one to blame.

I’m leaving again. Floating off in hopes you’ll follow close behind. I’m travelling again. Wandering to put the pieces back together in my soul. Hand out, just reach, just pull yourself to me–it’s not that far, don’t you see?

Darling, we’re crashing down around the coast like broken sterns and you don’t come up for air. I’m breathing for us both and you don’t seem to mind or care.

Darling, I’m breaking with the sound of silence and hope that you’ll reach out. You are dragging us both closer to a dark murky hell. Gasp for air and show me those greens, I’ll fight for you if you’ll just fight for me.

I’m leaving again. Drowning in maybes and broken up seas. I’m running again, away it always seems–Hand out, just try to reach, I’ll hold on to you if you’d just reach for me.


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